Ballerina Albatraoz is a character on JD: Meant to Be. She is the second main singer.


Ballerina is a fun, happy, nice, and funny girl. She, in the beginning, is very cautious of what goes on. She is the girl who would correct someone on a test. The only time she'll ever raise her voice is if it is necessary. She is a 'street Ballerina' girl, who wears chic outfits, but they're going to make her look studious.

Physical Appearance

Ballerina Albatraoz has blue eyes, and pink hair. She is slender, and she'll wear chic outfits. If you look close enough, she has light pink makeup.


  • The design of the character is based on the coach in Just Dance 2016.
  • She was the third character to be confirmed. It was succeeded by Dancer and Emma.
  • Her name was going to be Ballerina.
  • When the show was in first development, Ballerina Albatraoz had blue hair, green eyes, and wore something similar to Joy from Inside Out.
  • Her brother was going to appear, but for reasons, he was removed.
  • Ballerina Albatraoz is based on The Ballerina Albatraoz.


"Get that spatula away from me!"

" This place is a pigsty!"

(Repeated Line) "Well, she can go dip herself into water because I'm an albatraoz."

"Excuse you? I'm a full grown lady!"

"I'm going to hold off talking to bullies."

"Aww, that's sweet."


"Say Freeform one more time, and I'll take this spoon and slap you with it!"

"You thought we were going to quit singing and dancing, didn't ya?"

"Is there a button that says, 'I'd laugh, buy that's so dumb, I'm gonna slap you all the way to Timbuktu'?"