Welcome to the Ballerina Albatraoz Wiki!

Hello! Welcome to the Ballerina Albatraoz Wiki! We would like for you to look at this Wiki! We would also like for you to read the rules, mmkay?

Who made this wiki?

This Wiki, as you may notice from the name, was made by The Ballerina Albatraoz. She decided she would make a Wiki that, although now short and simple, will be popular. 

Latest News

Ballerina Albatraoz has a new account called ''SabrinaCarpenterLove".. JustADancer has been promoted to Admin.

The mascot is the Anti-Porn Unicorn! Porn is for SINNERS!

Since this wiki became inactive, SabrinaCarpenterLove created a new wiki called "SabrinaCarpenterLove's Clean Spam Wiki" (

Random Fact


Juntoatiqueen makes an appearence in JD: Meant to Be.