Emma is a character in JD: Meant To Be. In the series, she is a third singer.


Emma is that girl you'd find on the roof of a casino, right? Haha, WRONG! She is an anti-rival unicorn! She's kind of like a cheerleader, hence the name of OMI's "Cheerleader".

Physical Appearence

She has rainbow hair, purple eyes, and normally wears upbeat, cute clothes. Except on funerals. She wears sorrow colored clothing then.


  • She is the final main star to be confirmed.
  • On being asked why Emma was a big secret, TheEmmaShow replied, "They wanted to surprise the viewers. Like what Pixar did with Bing Bong."
  • Although she is a singer, Emma is famous for breaking the fourth wall.
  • She has a duet with Ballerina.,


"Unless you want nine fingers, put me down."

"Ballerina, can't love last forever?" (Ballerina: If the guy or the girl isn't that stupid, then yes.)

"Freeform?! That's it, you DO want nine fingers! Come back here you little scrunch!"

"Excuse me?! You diss my queen, I diss your face!"