Kitty is a character on JD: Meant to Be. He is a part of the band, Meant To Be. He is the fifth singer.


Kitty is a fun, very cool guy who loves kittens. In the first episode, he seems to not like Freeform. Kitty also looks out for his friends.

Physical Appearence

Kitty is a male, with brown hair and blue-green eyes, pale skin, and a little bit of an accent (Ballerina can't put a finger on his accent).Her is his user pictures of kittens.


"Doesn't Freeform remind you of sock made catapliers?"

"So? Kittens are adorable."

"Um, I'm sorry, but I can't be a rebel."

"What in the name of Katty Purry just happened?!"

"He said what now?"

'Its going down for MEOW'!