Meant to Be (Forever) is the third episode in the first season of JD: Meant to Be. It was released on March 15, 2016, and was directed by JustADancer.


After a few rumors about Dancer, Emma, Pearl, Kitty, and Ballerina, the group considers telling them off, with some help...




The Ballerina Albatraoz as Ballerina

JustADancer as Dancer

TheEmmaShow as Emma

Coocoo67 as Pearl

Kittysatbow as Kitty

Guest Star

Juntoatiqueen as Julia

TBA as Rumor Girl

TBA as Rumor Boy


  • This episode is the first episode with rumors going around.
  • Juntoatiqueen makes her debut in this episode
  • Kitty reveals why he kept himself quiet in Talk to Him!
  • Ballerina and Dancer are seen dancing to Fancy in Just Dance 2016.
  • Rumors are that Dancer has a girlfriend. While his Userplayer, JustADancer has one in real life, she is not in the show.
  • Rumor Boy and Rumor Girl do not have actors yet.


Emma: Kitty, why didn't you tell us that?

Kitty: If I did, you guys wouldn't be my friends anymore.

Ballerina: But, we'll always be friends. Even after those nasty rumors.

Kitty: Really?

Dancer: Really. Group hug!


Julia: This is the most beautiful thing ever!


Singing Whenever (Theme)- sung by Ballerina, Dancer, Pearl, Kitty, and Emma

Rumors - Original - sung by Julia

Forever Meant To Be - Original - sung by Dancer, Ballerina, Kitty, Pearl, Julia, and Emma

Fancy (Version 2) by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX - sung by Julia, Dancer, and Emma

Womanizer by Britney Spears - sung by the Rumor Boy and the Rumor Girl