Pilot is the first episode of the first season of JD: Meant To Be. It premiered on March 1, 2016.

Overview (Known Ideas for the Episode)

Dancer, Ballerina, Emma and Pearl are on a singing competition, they are also Just Dancers. Kitty is a friend of theirs, they love to play Just Dance.




The Ballerina Albatraoz as Ballerina

JustADancer as Dancer

TheEmmaShow as Emma

Coocoo67 as Pearl

Kittysatbow as Kitty

Guest Stars

Juntoatiqueen as Julia

Bunnylove14 as Bunny

DancingDerp as Derp

GetLuck as Get Luck


  • Originally, Ballerina was going to be a guest star. However, directors saw her as Ballerina in The Just Dancers 4, and they cast her as a regular member.
  • There were talks of SapBerry being in the cast. However, he hadn't logged in, so he will have his other account, Kittysatbow, in for him.
  • "Is there a ghost I can bust?!" Is a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • As a joke, Ballerina announced that Donald Trump would be cast as a guest star.
  • Pearl often gets called Pear, or Peal.
  • Recently the plan of music being sang on the show for it is based off Just Dance was recently added.
  • Because the 4 "main" characters (Dancer, Ballerina, Emma, and Pearl) are in the Voice, there were new guest stars added.
  • This show is based off some of The Just Dancers movies and other games on Just Dance Wiki for the pilot and other episodes.


I'm An Albatraoz by AronChupa - sung by Ballerina

Victorious by Panic! At The Disco - sung by Dancer

Would You Press A Button? - original song - sung by Dancer, Ballerina, and Pearl

Airplanes by B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams - sung by Kitty

Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

Oh No! by Marina and The Diamonds

Emo Is Amazing - original song - sung by Emma

Singing Whenever (Theme)- sung by Dancer, Ballerina, Pearl, Emma, and Kitty


Ballerina(opening quote): Have you ever wished for something and then, after a while, you saw it and it was for you? Well, that's what my friends and I felt like one day...
Dancer: You don't seem to have a ghost I can bust, do you?
Pearl: How wonderful! A flower for a beloved lady!
Emma: *GASP* Have you no respect for three girls and one boy?
Lilly: That's my brother.
Julia: Yeah, those girls rock! Woo!