Violetta is a show on Disney Channel that aired in May 2012. The plot is about a girl named Violetta Castillo and her dad moving back to Buenos Aires after a long, long, long, long, (long) living time in Europe. Violetta right away has to deal with love, a mean girl, and friends. All with a song to write!


  • Martina Stossel as Violetta
  • Diego Ramos as Mr. Castillo
  • Mercedes Lambre as Ludmilla
  • Mirta Wans as Oga

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  • Martina's singing made the producers cry.
  • Mercedes Lambre wasn't going to audition for a part. However, workers thought she would like to audition.
  • Mercedes and Martina are friends in real life, though their characters are enemies
  • This show is not on TV in America, but its on Netflix